• Academic Unit proposals receive final internal approval from the OSU Board of Trustees and external approval from the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities. (diagram of the full workflow)
    • To help you track when your proposal may be reviewed, consult the meeting dates for the OSU Faculty Senate and OSU Board of Trustees.

Required Information

  • At least three liaisons, two of which must be from OSU academic units other than the academic home being changed or proposed.
  • Proposal details
    • The CIM form contains all of the proposal questions.
    • In the CPS, proposals required several attachments. The proposal form in CIM has fields that cover almost all of the content formerly in those attachments. See below for the remaining attachments.  In addition, approval by department and college leadership have been incorporated into the workflow so the transmittal sheet is no longer needed.  Finally, the library evaluation and space/facilities evaluation have been incorporated into the CIM workflow so you no longer need to contact those departments to initiate their review.
  • Attachments

Proposal questions? Contact CM's Curriculum Coordinators.

Curriculum Proposal Software

How do I learn to use CIM?

Check CIM Support Materials and Proposal FAQs for quick starts, videos, and tips. Contact [email protected] to arrange for an individual or a group training.