OSU is currently transitioning from eSET to the Student Learning Experience survey (SLE). During Fall 2020, Winter 2021 and Summer 2021, instructors and students were invited to participate in pilot surveys.

Beginning Fall 2021, the standard questions will be:

  • My instructor modeled and promoted inclusivity.
  • The course materials were accessible to me.
  • I felt like I belonged in this course.
  • This course was structured so that I could work effectively with others who were different from me.
  • I had the necessary resources to achieve the course learning outcomes.
  • Course learning activities helped me connect to the content.
  • This course was well organized.
  • Course activities gave me the chance to show my progress towards course learning outcomes.
  • Feedback on tests, assignments, and/or graded activities informed my thinking and learning.
  • Directions and expectations for tests, assignments and/or graded activities were clear.
  • Tests, assignments and/or graded activities matched the course learning outcomes.
  • My instructor addressed students' non-academic needs.
  • I had opportunities to develop professional skills.
  • I had opportunities to become a better learner.

Two questions will continue from the previous eSET survey:

  • The course as a whole was
  • The instructor's contribution to the course was

Students are also asked the following open-ended questions:

  • Please comment on how the course positively supported your learning.
  • Please comment on how the course could better support your learning.

In Fall 2021, students will also have the opportunity to comment on their use of the SLE survey:

This year the university is developing a tool that attempts to better reflect your learning experience. Please answer the following to provide important feedback about the proposed questions above. Your feedback is highly valued in the eSET/SLE revision process.

  • Did you understand all the questions in today's survey? If not, please explain.
  • Is there anything important about your learning experience that was not captured by these questions? If so, please explain.


Previous Student Evaluation of Teaching (SET and eSET) questions from 2004-2021 were:

  • The course as a whole was
  • The instructor's contribution to the course was
  • Clarity of course objectives or outcomes was
  • Clarity of student responsibilities and requirements was
  • Course organization was
  • Availability of extra help when needed was
  • Instructor's use of various instructional techniques to accommodate differences in learning styles among student was
  • Instructor's interest in my learning was
  • Instructor's ability to stimulate my thinking more deeply about the subject was
  • Instructor's timely feedback to tests and other work was
  • Instructor's ability to develop a welcoming classroom environment for all participants was
  • Instructor's evaluation of student performance in accordance with course objectives was

The open-ended question was:

  • Please comment about ways to improve instruction.