Curriculum Proposal Software

In Fall 2019, OSU transitioned to new curriculum proposal software called CIM (pronounced ‘Kim’), which stands for Curriculum Inventory Management.

How do I learn to use CIM?

Check CIM Support Materials and Proposal FAQs for quick starts, videos, and tips. Contact [email protected] to arrange for an individual or a group training.

CPS Archive

The Curriculum Proposal System (CPS) archive contains program (major, minor, option, certificate) and course proposals submitted between 2001 and November 2020, with the exception of new program proposals submitted before 2010.

Assistance with Creating and Editing Curriculum Proposals

For assistance with the proposal process, contact CM's curriculum coordinators.  For questions about accessing or using CIM, contact [email protected].

The Curriculum Management site contains documentation about the steps in the proposal review process, the information needed for course and program proposals, and how to use CIM. Start by visiting the page about the type of proposal (coursesprograms, or miscellaneous) you want to create or edit.


Course changes, program changes, and program deactivations go into effect the following catalog year.  New courses and programs go into effect more quickly. See the catalog year policy for details.


OSU's program development is guided by rules from Oregon's Higher Education Coordinating Commission.