Most curricular proposals require liaison with other academic units. The purpose of contacting faculty in other departments is to gather feedback about the quality of the proposed changes.

A minimum of three Academic Liaisons is required for all proposals.

  • For new and change program proposals, a minimum of two Academic Liaisons must be from outside the college associated with the Originating Academic Unit; the remaining liaisons can be from within the college but must be outside the Originating Academic Unit.
  • For new and change course proposals, A minimum of one Academic Liaison must be from outside the college associated with the Originating Academic Unit; the remaining liaisons can be from within the college but must be outside the Originating Academic Unit.

For more information, see OSU's liaison policy.

The tables below list which OSU faculty and staff are assigned as liaisons for each department. Liaisons are determined by the college or academic unit.

College of Agricultural Sciences
Unit Liaisons
College of Agricultural Sciences (AGRI, BRR, IAWS, SUS) Kate Lajtha, Kate Field
Agricultural Education & General Agriculture (AED, AG, LEAD) Jonathan Velez
Animal & Rangeland Sciences (ANS, RNG) Carol Lorenzen
Applied Economics (AEC) Jennifer Alix-Garcia, Tjodie Richardson
Botany and Plant Pathology (BOT, BDS) John Fowler
Crop and Soil Science (CROP, CSS, PBG, SOIL) Thomas Chastain
Entomology (ENT) Bill Braunworth
Environmental & Molecular Toxicology (TOX) Lawrence Curtis
Fisheries, Wildlife & Conservation Sciences (FW) Bruce Dugger
Food Science & Technology (FST) Lisbeth Goddik
Horticulture (HORT) Bill Braunworth, Anne Gearhart
College of Business
Unit Liaisons
College of Business (BA, HM) - Undergraduate Prem Mathew
College of Business (BA, HM) - Graduate John Becker-Blease
School of Accounting, Finance, & Information Systems (ACTG, FIN) John Becker-Blease
School of Marketing, Analytics, & Design (DSGN, MRKT) Colleen Bee
School of Management, Entrepreneurship & Supply Chain (MGMT) Michele Swift
College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences
Unit Liaisons
College of Earth, Ocean, & Atmospheric Sciences - Undergraduate (ATS, GEO, GEOG, OC) Michael Harte
College of Earth, Ocean, & Atmospheric Sciences - Graduate (ATS, GEO, GEOG, GPH, OC, OEAS) Adam Kent
Atmospheric Sciences (ATS) - Undergraduate Karen Shell
Oceanography (OC) - Undergraduate Rob Wheatcroft
Atmospheric Sciences (ATS) and Oceanography (OC) - Graduate George Waldbusser
Geosciences (GEO) - Undergraduate and Graduate Frank Tepley
Geography (GEOG) - Undergraduate and Graduate Julia Jones
Environmental Sciences (ENSC) - Undergraduate Larry Becker
Environmental Sciences (ENSC) - Graduate Carolyn Fonyo
Marine Resource Management (MRM) Flaxen Conway
College of Education
Unit Liaisons
College of Education (AHE, COUN, ED, SED) Sue Helback
College of Engineering
Unit Liaisons
College of Engineering (ENGR, OP) - Undergraduate Wade Marcum, Brett Jeter, Annie Ingersoll
College of Engineering (ENGR, OP) - Graduate Brett Jeter, Glencora Borradaile, Carley Ries
Biological & Ecological Engineering (BEE) John Bolte
School of Chemical, Biological, & Environmental Engineering (BIOE, CBEE, CHE, ENVE) Gregory Herman, Chih-hung Chang
School of Civil & Construction Engineering (ARE, CE, CCE, CEM) Joseph Fradella, Nicole Kent, Jonathan Istok, Whitney Korthauer
School of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science (CS, ECE, SE) Ben Lee, Thomas Weller
School of Mechanical, Industrial, & Manufacturing Engineering (AAE, ESC, ESE, HEST, IE, MATS, ME, MFGE, MIME, ROB) David Porter, David Blunck
School of Nuclear Science & Engineering (NSE) Steve Reese
College of Forestry
Unit Liaisons
College of Forestry Randy Rosenberger, Nicole Kent
Forest Ecosystems & Society (FES, MNR, NR, SNR, TRAL) Troy Hall, Terina McLachlain
Forest Engineering, Resources & Management (FE, FOR) Ben Leshchinsky, John Bailey, Jeff Hatten
Wood Science & Engineering (WSE) Eric Hansen
College of Liberal Arts
Unit Liaisons
College of Liberal Arts (LA, MAST, SSCI) Marion Rossi
American Studies (AMS) Neil Browne
Liberal Studies (LS) John Edwards

School of Arts & Communication (ART, COMM, GD, MUED, MUP, MUS, NMC, TA)

Marion Rossi

School of History, Philosophy & Religion (EAH, HST, HSTS, PAX, PHL, REL, TCS)

Nicole von Germeten

School of Language, Culture & Society (all languages, ANTH, ASN, CSSA, ES, FCSJ, LING, QS, WGSS, WLC)

Susan Bernardin
School of Psychological Sciences (PSY) Kathryn Becker Blease

School of Public Policy (ECON, MPP, PPOL, PS, SOC)

Brent Steel, Catherine Bolzendahl

School of Writing, Literature & Film (AJ, ENG, FILM, WR)

Tim Jensen
College of Pharmacy
Unit Liaisons
Pharmacy (PHAR) Theresa Filtz
College of Public Health and Human Sciences
Unit Liaisons
Physical Activity Courses (PAC) Drew Ibarra
Public Health (H) Ellen Smit

School of Biological & Population Health Sciences (HHS, KIN, NUR, NUTR, PT)

Russ Turner

School of Social & Behavioral Health Sciences (HDFS)

Peggy Dolcini
College of Science
Unit Liaisons
College of Science (SCI) Henri Jansen, Vrushali Bokil 
Biochemistry & Biophysics (BB) Colin Johnson, Karen Van Zee, Elisar Barbar
Chemistry (CH) Marita Barth, Kevin Gable
Integrative Biology (BI, IB, Z) Brock Mc Leod, Lori Kayes
Mathematics (MTH) William Bogley
Microbiology (BHS, GS, MB) Linda Bruslind, Stephen Giovannoni
Physics (PH) Davide Lazzati, David McIntyre, David Roundy
School of Life Sciences Brock Mc Leod, Stephen Giovannoni
Statistics (ST) Jeffrey Kollath, Lan Xue, Lisa Ganio
College of Veterinary Medicine
Unit Liaisons
College of Veterinary Medicine Susan Tornquist
Veterinary Clinical Sciences (VCS) Chrisopher Cebra
Veterinary Biomedical Sciences (VMB) Luiz Bermudez
Graduate School
Unit Liaisons
Graduate School (GRAD) Steph Bernell
Environmental Sciences (ENSC) - Graduate Carolyn Fonyo
Interdisciplinary Studies (IST, MAIS, PSM) David Bernell
Molecular & Cellular Biology (MCB) Maureen Childers
Water Resources (WRE, WRP, WRS) Mary Santelmann
Honors College
Unit Liaisons
Honors College (HC) Susan Jackson Rodgers
Reserve Officers Training Corps
Unit Liaisons
Aerospace Studies (AS) Matthew Cunningham
Military Science (MS) David McRae
Naval Science (NS) Jason Valdespino
Unit Liaisons
International Degree (INTL) Bradley Boovy