Hybrid Programming Offered at the Portland Center

To propose a full program to be offered in hybrid format at the Portland Center, please email Shannon Riggs, Executive Director of Course Development and Learning Innovation for Ecampus. After working with Ecampus to develop your program, you'll submit a proposal via CIM.

If you are not developing a hybrid program for the Portland Center, use the workflow below.


  • New programs go through the full program review workflow and receive final approval from the Higher Education Coordinating Commission (HECC) (diagram of the full workflow)
    • To help you track when your proposal may be reviewed, consult the meeting dates for the OSU Faculty Senate, OSU Board of Trustees, Statewide Provosts Council, and Higher Education Coordinating Commission.

Required Information


Proposal questions? Contact CM's Curriculum Coordinators.

OSU's program development is guided by rules from Oregon's Higher Education Coordinating Commission.

Curriculum Proposal Software

  • CIM for Programs login

    For creating new programs (majors/degrees, certificates, options, and minors) and editing existing programs.

  • CPS Archive

    For viewing proposals submitted prior to November 16, 2019.
    Please note page loading time can take a few seconds.
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How do I learn to use CIM?

Check CIM Support Materials and Proposal FAQs for quick starts, videos, and tips. Contact [email protected] to arrange for an individual or a group training.