Every CCN course must be added to OSU’s curriculum management software, CIM, so that it will appear in the next Academic Catalog. The majority of the work to add these courses will be done by the Curriculum Management team.

A special implementation process for adding the CCN courses was approved by the Faculty Senate Curriculum Council. Normally a new course proposal is reviewed by liaisons and several review committees, which can take months. Because CCN is state mandated and OSU can make only minor modifications to the course description and learning outcomes, the Curriculum Council agreed on a limited review process.

Step 1: Submit a new course proposal to add each CCN course

  1. Curriculum Management will initiate the proposal (example COMM 218Z) in CIM
  1. The department, COMM in this example, does the following in CIM:
    • Adds to the learning outcomes and course description (optional)
    • Attaches a syllabus that reflects the new CCN information
  2. Approval step: Faculty Senate Curriculum Council

Step 2. Submit a course termination proposal to remove the existing OSU course

  1. Curriculum Management submits the termination proposal in CIM (example COMM 218). The Faculty Senate Curriculum Council will not review this proposal.


Process Date

Submit new course proposals

January 2024
Submit course termination proposals February 2024

Submit proposals to update CCN information throughout CIM

  •      Update CCN numbers in courses that have them as prerequisites
  •      Update CCN course number, title, and number of credits in programs that require them

March through mid-April 2024

CCN courses appear in the Academic Catalog June 2024
First term when students can take CCN courses Summer 2024
Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when a CCN course is a course prerequisite?

The Curriculum Management team will update all courses in CIM that have CCN courses as prerequisites to reflect the CCN course number.

What happens when a CCN course is required by a program?

The Curriculum Management team will update CIM for every major that requires a CCN course so the major requirements reflect the CCN course number, title, and number of credits. The team will contact the unit head before making any changes.

What happens when a CCN course has more credits than the existing course?

Occasionally a CCN course will have more credits than the existing OSU course. A program that requires one of these CCN courses will need to adjust its credit requirements to incorporate the additional credit(s) either by adjusting the number of credits for electives or increasing the program credits. Curriculum Management will contact the programs affected by an increase in course credits. In addition, Curriculum Management will submit an administrative proposal reflecting each program’s credit decision. If the number of program credits increases, OSU will notify NWCCU.