Required Information

  • Early Alert form. Submit this form before you begin filling out the new certificate proposal.
  • At least three liaisons
    • A minimum of two Academic Liaisons must be from outside the college associated with the Originating Academic Unit.
    • The remaining liaisons can be from within the college but must be outside the Originating Academic Unit.
  • Program details
    • The CIM form contains all of the proposal questions.
    • In the CPS, proposals required several attachments. The certificate proposal form in CIM has fields that cover almost all of the content formerly in those attachments. See below for the remaining attachments.  In addition, approval by department and college leadership have been incorporated into the workflow so the transmittal sheet is no longer needed.  Finally, the library evaluation and space/facilities evaluation have been incorporated into the CIM workflow so you no longer need to contact those departments to initiate their review.
  • Attachments

Proposal questions? Contact APA's Curriculum Coordinators.

Curriculum Proposal Software

  • CIM for Programs login

    For creating new programs (majors/degrees, certificates, options, and minors) and editing existing programs.

  • CPS login

    For reviewing proposals submitted prior to November 16, 2019.

CIM questions? Contact and check out the CIM support materials (quick starts, tips, and videos) and trainings (including by Zoom).