Oregon State University requires all undergraduate and graduate academic programs (majors, minors and certificates) and all courses to have established student learning outcomes. Meaningful, manageable, and measurable outcomes are learner-focused statements reflecting what a student will be able to do after participating in an instructional activity, course, or program of study. Courses and programs need to have an appropriate number of learning outcomes to clearly articulate what students should achieve.

Each learning outcome statement starts with an action verb that indicates the appropriate cognitive level, followed by a precise description of the learned behavior, skill, knowledge, or attitude. See the Revised Bloom's Taxonomy and Action Verbs for examples.

Student learning outcome statements must be measurable through a direct assessment tool or method such as exam questions, homework, essays, presentations, or projects. See the Assessment FAQs for more information about direct assessments.

OSU Policy About Student Learning Outcomes

Resources For Writing Student Learning Outcomes