Blanket or reserved numbered courses use certain blocks of numbers and may be taken for more than one term and repeated for credit. The credits granted vary according to the amount of work completed. The standard range of credits for blanket courses is 1 to 16. For 503 (Thesis) and 603 (Dissertation) courses, the default maximum credits is 999.

Blanket courses have designated course titles. More specific titles can be assigned at the section level.

401/501/601: Research and Scholarship
402/502/602: Independent Study
403/503/603: Thesis/Dissertation
404/504/604: Writing and Conference
405/505/605: Reading and Conference
406/506/606: Special Problems/Special Projects
407/507/607: Seminar
408/508/608: Workshop
409/509/609: Practicum/Clinical Experience
410/510/610: Internship/Work Experience

An academic unit establishes a blanket course by submitting a New Course Proposal. Proposals to create a new or edit an existing blanket course go through the expedited review process and a syllabus is not required.

As the content and credits can change term to term, blanket courses are not eligible to be a prerequisite to another course or have a prerequisite. Departments can use registration restrictions to limit student enrollment. Blanket courses are not eligible to be crosslisted or slashlisted but sections with the same title and credits can be scheduled together.

For more information, see the OSU Catalog and the Blanket Course proposal page.

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